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Who is Toro?

 Our innovative platform delivers a seamless process to conduct mobile commerce with unrivaled user experience.

TORO is a technology provider delivering an unparalleled Mobile Wallet/Commerce Platform that redefines mobile phone interaction among consumers, retailers, businesses, communities and governments.

TORO’s patented technology is the only market solution making secure data transfer between different elements of mobile apps seamlessly. Easily integrate a complete marketplace of products and services into your branded app communities and offer an incomparable mCommerce experience.

Connect millions of individuals and a diverse range of communities to an endless choice of solutions by seamlessly integrating third party retail and services. Brands can fully manage the user experience, add or remove widgets and integrate shops regardless of physical location.

TORO innovation creates new and better ways to enable commerce with Android and IOS systems.

Unleash Your Potential

Increase sales and services with TORO Single Sign-On and

One-Step Checkout

Endless integration: The TORO platform can integrate any product and service ... all in one environment. Connect your community, harness its passion and purchasing potential. Control data generated by the community and monetize users directly.

Portable and scalable technology and B2B2C model that can quickly be populated with other communities and geographies. Airlines, hospitality, connected cities, airports, the music industry and more.

Unrivaled User Experience: Shop and check out without ever leaving the platform. TORO is designed to unleash your sales and service potential by assuring integrated products and services are only one click away with Single Sign-On (SSO) and One-Step Checkout (OSC) - exclusively from TORO.

Book a ticket to a game, make a hotel reservation, arrange transportation services, pre-order food and beverage to be delivered to your seat at the game, merchandising, book the post-game dinner, and spontaneously buy sponsors’ goods in one simple action, within the same environment.


With TORO, it's that simple.

Powering the Mobile Platform Economy

Proven technology with advanced security systems

Carrier Grade systems technology: with over 10 years experience developing reliable, tested and proven technology, TORO's 3rd generation platform has been deployed in several countries in Europe and Asia.

Bank Grade security technology: TORO systems are approved by bank payment and transport schemes, meeting all relevant security requirements and utilizing advanced anti-fraud measures.

Brands Need TORO


In an increasingly mobile marketplace, brands must establish a “mobile community” and differentiate themselves by offering a broader range of digital and physical interactions. By providing an enhanced user experience, brands retain users and generate additional revenue.

The TORO Software Development Kit (SDK) provides brands with a user-friendly method to add a transaction engine to existing apps and instantly offer 3rd party products and services.

Instantly expand your offering


Quickly and easily add new products and services from third party providers

Become a Super App


Create a mobile destination where users can get everything they need

Gain increased customer insight


A wider offering under one umbrella means more data points to discover what customers want

Toro Passclub Platform
10 Years Experience
TORO Ecosystem

A unique Enterprise-grade solution


Certified by top European banks

From mobile wallet pioneers to mobile monetization experts

With its network of integration and

technology partners, Toro ensures simplified integration (SDK) and fast launches

Increase your opportunities with trusted White Label services

Mobile Wallet

Multisided/horizontal platform (one system for all SPs).


Mobile secure services for all systems.


Better interoperability.


No more technical hurdles / costs of mobile secure applications implementation.


Built-in tools for Service Providers.


Mobile Service and User experience Design and Tweak-on-the-fly.


Independent Widget lifecycle management.


Widgets are Service Providers’ Apps.


Designable and Developable.


Widget Lifecycle controlled by SP.

Fully Commercial

8 year experience in Mobile Commerce.


Live in Poland (T-Mobile).


Valyou (Norway).


Scalable to the millions.


Approved by payment and transport schemes.


Configuration of current and future secure element configurations UICC, HCE, eSE, µSD.


Advanced security measures against fraudulent attacks.

Business Model

Understanding of every actors’ needs and constraints.


Business model adaptation.


Pricing model adaptation.