TORO builds a self-enriching ecosystem

through network effect

TORO creates marketplaces from a growing ecosystem of merchants. Brands with a community can further monetize their audiences by seamlessly offering them new, suitable external products and services.

Instant access

to a wealth of


Existing super-apps work as closed environments. Brands can maintain digital shops within the mobile environment but they act as silos. The shopping experience is fully integrated but is solely linked to branded shop and the app. 

To put this in simple terms: to maximise their reach, brands have to be on every digital marketplace.

To multiply their presence means to multiply the effort, the integration and the maintenance because each super-app is a closed environment. 

TORO is the opposite. 

It is a fully integrated, open ecosystem. Each shop is a mini-program that can be integrated in any super-app powered by TORO. Moreover each branded super-app also becomes a mini-program that can gets integrated into other brands super-apps. 

Note: this chart serves for illustration purpose and does not imply that TORO has a relationship with all the brands or organisations illustrated through their logos. Marks are subject to copyright and trademarks. 

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