TORO, the only PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service) 

that powers super-apps

Toro is a super-app enabler: It allows apps, in complement to their own products and services, to aggregate a selection of merchants from a whole ecosystem.


Toro is an open-ended environment: a shop as mini-program can be in ALL super-apps. A super-app can become a mini-program in another super-app. 



Our core technology combines 4 major technical features to make mobile commerce a seamless experience across multiple merchants, shops, geographies, delivery processes and payment means, in the same environment. 


SSO (single-sign-on) to buy, subscribe, immediately order any service or product, without having to reintroduce credentials or payment methods.

Mini-program system to easily assemble and maintain an ecosystem of an unlimited number of shops INSIDE the APP totally transparent for the end-user.

1-click payment with all payment means integrated, everything is purchased from INSIDE the APP with 

transactions to merchants automatically processed.

Business intelligence to allow app owners to gain knowledge about their audience and be in full control of sales channel, marketing, fans. All fully GDPR compliant.





TORO solution is integrable in 8 hours into any existing app to immediately reach millions of pre-qualified potential customers.

Proven technology -

Advanced Security Systems

Carrier Grade systems technology: with over 10 years of experience developing reliable, tested and proven technology, TORO's 3rd generation platform has been deployed in several countries in Europe and Asia.

Bank Grade security technology: TORO systems are approved by bank payment and transport schemes, meeting all relevant security requirements and utilizing advanced anti-fraud measures.

OVUM Mobile Wallet Report 2016-2017

TORO's Passclub platform is among the most innovative white-label mobile wallet platforms on the market, providing a more lightweight and scalable method of enabling mobile wallet capabilities to end users.

Gilles Ubaghs, Senior analyst at OVUM

Ovum Decision Matrix: Selecting a 

White-Label Mobile Wallet Solution, 2016–2017

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